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The principles of admission

Recruitment 2017/18

B.A. Studies

Criteria of admission

Admission is based on results of high school graduation exams.

New high school graduation exam

Candidates who graduated from post junior high schools and passed new graduation exam in a foreign language at the extended level are admitted as students on the basis of competition of exam certificates. Because of limited number of admitted students the admission is based on the earlier application.

Candidates who passed new high school graduation exams at the basic level are accepted if they have exam results over 60%. Candidates whose result is lower than 60% may be admitted for four year B.A. studies.

Old high school graduation exams

The candidates who graduated from high school on the basis of so called old school graduation exam taking a foreign language exam will be admitted on the basis of graduation certificate competition. Candidates who did not take a foreign language exam are admitted on the basis of an entrance exam which has a form qualifying interview.

Admission without qualifying interview

  • laureates of language Olympic event at voivodship level.
  • candidates who passed successfully introductory qualification procedure at philological department or some other higher school but were not admitted because of limited number of admission.

The range of material required at qualifying interviews

Qualifying interview for English philology

Qualifying interview for German philology

Qualifying interview for Russian philology

M.A. Studies

Acceptance of candidates for and year of studies second degree in the ULT is based on the results of the recruitment procedure.

Candidates for the second level of studies are accepted who:

  • possess M.A. title, B.A. or equal degree in foreign philology.
  • possess M.A. title, B.A. or equal degree philological makrospecialization (e.g. applied linguistics)
  • possess M.A. title, B.A. or equal degree in other specialization than foreign philology and a valid European certificate (in accordance with European System of Language Education Description) at the level of C1 or higher.

Resolution on the conditions and mode of admission to College first and second degree studies and full-time practical profile on direction "Philology" in the Lingwistyczno Technical University in Gdańsk in the academic year 2016/2017

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