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The school authorites

The school authorites

Dr. Elizabeth Sternal

dr Elżbieta Sternal

email: elzbietasternal@wp.pl

Dr. Margaret A.

dr Małgorzata Chrzan

Margaret horseradish, philosopher, amerykanista, doctor of Sciences in the field of literary studies.

Early life and sports career. In the years 1990-1993 Bachelor's degree majoring in English Philology in higher Pedagogical School in Bydgoszcz. A graduate degree in English at the Philological-historical University of Gdansk (1995). Doctoral thesis (2006) entitled "Black Ideology and Aesthetics in Plays by African American Women, 1960-1990" (black ideology and aesthetics in plays by African-Americans, 1960-1990) was established under the direction of Prof. Andrew Ceynowy. Member of the Polish Association of American Studies, the European Association for American Studies and the Collegium for African American Research. Research interests include the following disciplines and topics:

-Literature: literature (particularly ethnic literature), English literature, literature postkolonialna, theory of literature, theory and history of drama, an experiment in literature

-Theatre: theory and history of the theater, experimental theater

-American identity, racism and cultural studies

-Cultural anthropology

Philosophy of art, aesthetics

Teaching responsibilities:
He currently teaches English language learning, theory of literature, history of British and American literature, seminars and proseminaria beyond.

ER rektorski
(weekends only during classes part-time students)

email: malgorzata.chrzan@yahoo.com

Dr HAB. Joanna Burzynska-Sylwestrzak

dr hab. Joanna Burzyńska-Sylwestrzak


1971-masters at UMCS Lublin
1980-Phd at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, on the basis of the hearing: Perspectives of the Fictional World Presentation in the Dramatic Works of w. b. Yeats. Promoter: Prof. dr HAB. Henryk Zbierski, reviewer: Prof. dr HAB. Grzegorz Sinko, Prof. dr HAB. Andrzej Kopcewicz
1996-the Habilitation SERVICES in Gdańsk, on the basis of the monograph: Towards a Theory of Poetic Drama: Yeats, Synge, O'Casey. The Publishing House of the University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk 1995, ISBN 83-7017 581-3.
Reviewer: Prof. dr HAB. Jerzy Limon SERVICES; Prof. Marta Wiszniowska, UMK, Prof. Dr. Wojciech Kalaga UPM.

Research interests:


-the modern British novel (especially serial postkolonialna)
-drama revival of Celtic (especially, W.B. Yeats, j. m. Synge, S'Ocasey)
-absurd drama: (notably Samuel Beckett)
-European drama symbolistyczny drama and epic
-the development of epic since antiquity.


-history of Theatre (particularly United reform of Theatre)
-the word in literature (oral culture to stechnologizowanej)
-cultural contexts of the drama resurgence of Celtic (Celtic culture, Japanese Noh drama, dance and stage movement).
-the symbolism of the temple Orthodox Christian and Buddhist
-"deep into the human mind," archetypes in popular culture

Modern theories of literature:
-think bachtinowska (dialogiczność, and polyphony, heteroglossia, karnawalizacja)
literary speech act theory-
-the issue of intentionality (from the Roman Ingardena to Jacques Derrida)
-the concept of imagined (the imaginal) as an alternative to the Western theories of literature (philosophical mind inspirations).

ER deanery:

Weekends only during the downhill part-time students

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