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Coach training

Graduate studies



educators, teachers, educators

The training is addressed to people:
  • internal training in the Organization
  • implementing new processes/produkty/training programs
  • with expertise in a particular field, who subordinates or colleagues to pass methods/techniques of the specialization

In the light of the most recent coach methods of research are excellent also apply to the classroom, educational, academic and lecture. Teacher/Educator/Lecturer as a coach with greater precision and a wider range of tools can recognize and use psychological and neurological processes that occur in the process of teaching (on a one-off basis and as a team). Thanks to this, you may find the right teaching methods that will bring the best results in terms of data and given scope. In addition, based on his experience teaching and acquired knowledge, coaching can lead worthwhile training processes for different groups of participants. The participants in the postgraduate studies not only develop specific, needed in the zwodzie trainer's skills, but will also have the ability to determine your further down the road of professional development based on specific recommendations, received from the certification of trainers. The whole process will end up coaching certification, in the course of which the participants in the postgraduate will present yourself prepared excerpts of training based on their strengths and talents.


-knowledge of the skills test and assess the effectiveness of training,

-building and strengthening the professional attitude of the fans based on individual, autoprezentację,

-strengthening the interpersonal characteristics desired in the profession trainer,

-plan your own professional development as a coach,

-develop the skills to conduct professional training.


12 exits (24 days-192 hours)

including individual modules

The COST of the

4 500 zł


raising the level of knowledge and awareness of their own role in the faculty building and guiding the process, the process of teaching/learning and development,

-integration of the members of the school staff around improving teaching methods and developing other,

-to create a communication platform among school staff (handling the same language with new features) in relation to the current process of education and training projects,

-increase in motivation and involvement in the process of teaching and development of trainees and students, as well as the process of self-study to educators.


-gain knowledge of build and lead a team,

-deepening skills trainer, coaching and education,

-practice possible behaviors in relation to different situations during the development process and teaching by using the trainer coaching and methods,

-the strengthening of individual and group awareness of own resources and workshop participants, and use them in the development process of the trainees,

-a deepening sense of influence on the development of the participants

-enhanced management skills, process

-deepening of market orientation on its own development.


  • Collection and use of the information available about the needs of the client,
  • the formulation of the training objectives based on the needs of
  • design and carry out training with a set of interactive, involving methods;
  • take account of the importance of group process in planning and implementing training;
  • to deal with disturbances in various situations for training
  • the application of the basic methods of evaluation of training effects
  • personal interpersonal skills trainer
  • awareness of their own needs in the pursuit of excellence as a workshop and to identify concrete steps in professional development.
  • apply the basics of psychology and group process in the planning and conduct of training,
  • getting to know your strengths and talents, based on feedback during the course, leading to the development of their own trenerskiego style.

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We propose to study the following specialties:

12 congresses (24 days-192 hours) comprising individual modules