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Online studies are conducted by Universities Lingwistyczno-technical support in Świecie e-learning platform moodle, using modern educational technologies. With this method, the lecturers are for you, through the platform, video conferencing, e-mail, and live. Keep control the progress and motivate to deepen knowledge.

Studies on the internet (Bachelor's degree)


Russian Philology

German Philology

English Philology

Studies on the internet II (magisterkie)


Russian Philology

German Philology

English Philology

Why choose to study online?

Save time and money!

Attractive alternative education of many people

The opportunity to combine learning with work

Organization of your time in any way

Learn at a high level

Access to professional cadre of academics at any place and time

Chance of learning for people who live far from academic and disabled

Access to knowledge everywhere and always!

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60% is done in mobile mode, 40%-at the University

All the provided line of study exams and crediting take place at the seat of the University.

Studying online better than studies prepare to work!

For the employer, in fact, it is a proof of the effective management of time, determination and, above all, self-discipline of the future employee.

Very high scholarships!

Financial aid for students. Rector scholarships, social, special and Minister.

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Courses to raise qualifications for foreigners "Methodology of Humanities and social sciences"

July 26, 2017

Lingwistyczno Technical University in Gdańsk from July 2 to July 15, together with the Centre for the study of Eastern Europe UWM hosted a group of 25 teachers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Armenia. Two-week courses ПОВЫШЕНИЯ КВАЛИФИКАЦИИ НОВОЕ В МЕТОДОЛОГИИ ГУМАНИТАРНЫХ И СОЦИАЛЬНЫХ НАУК were carried out at Ustka on the sea in the hotel Jantar. Ustka is a beautiful Polish resort, situated on the Baltic Sea. Participants had ...

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