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Passive construction


We invite students to learn on a unique scale all over the country studying engineering specialties- PASSIVE CONSTRUCTION.

Passive construction is no longer just empty slogans, is a series of very sophisticated technologies that are already present on the Polish market and from year to year will constitute a growing segment of the market. They allow in a fast, safe and eco-friendly way to build a House that will be friendly to resident it people and the surrounding environment. Supplement in a professional manner designed building with energy from renewable sources and the effective control of all television sets will allow a large autonomy and economy of use.

Studies are conducted in consultation with the University of Warsaw. The experts shall transmit not only detailed knowledge about how to design and build passive houses, but also get acquainted with a number of solutions used in these processes, particularly renewable energy technology and intelligent control. Students will gain a broad theoretical knowledge from a range of passive house, and more importantly get acquainted with the practical aspects of this issue and will have the opportunity to participate in numerous RESEARCH PROJECTS. An important element of the teaching are also issues related to fixing the legal construction of passive and aspects arising from the law on Renewable Energy. Program of study, the vast infrastructure of universities, as well as the highest qualified faculty (Faculty of the Warsaw University of technology) are a guarantee of a very attractive professional perspectives which happen before all the graduates towards PASSIVE CONSTRUCTION.

Study on the direction of the Construction are carried out in cooperation with the Technical University of Warsaw, most of the activities shall be carried out by specialists from the CHURCH.


Study on desktop last 7 semesters. Classes are held from Monday to Friday according to the current timetable.

Study on undergraduate programs last 8 semesters. Studies take place in the form of downhill skiing weekend (Friday from 16:00, Saturday, Sunday) twice a month.


Studies are addressed to:

  • people interested in the subject of construction,
  • with a jam from areas such as mathematics, physics, chemistry,
  • people interested in modern technologies in a dynamically changing environment.


A graduate of undergraduate majoring in Construction has knowledge of selected departments of mathematics, physics and chemistry required to resolve basic issues with the construction industry. In addition, knowledge about the principles of descriptive geometry and technical drawing, including architectural, construction and surveying, as well as its policy for using the CAD. Knows ways of mapping mapping and has knowledge of basic geodetic works in the construction industry. Has a basic knowledge of acquisition and use of data for analysis of hydrological, geological, geotechnical, and in terms of the interaction of background-building. Has knowledge of general mechanics, fluids, land and rocks and the strength and modeling materials. Knows the rules of mechanics and analysis in the field of statics, dynamics and stability of the structure. Know the basic calculation methods. Has a basic knowledge of the use of the construction legislation, standards, guidelines, design and operation of buildings. Are known to have him selected computer programs supporting calculation and design, organization of work and the exploitation of the works. Has knowledge of commonly used construction materials and principles of their acquisition or production of products and building elements. Knowledge about the construction and design elements of the building: metal, concrete, wood, brick and earth moving. Familiar with the basic principles of analysis, design, construction, implementation and operation of the selected objects. Foundation policies are known for construction. Has a basic knowledge of the design, construction and operation of installations in construction. It has the basics of physics. Are not his foreign policy to create the quality management procedures works. Has knowledge of the application of the standards and rules and work in the construction industry and the Organization of and rules targeting construction. Has a basic knowledge of doing business in the construction industry. Know the basic principles of sustainable development in the construction industry. Has knowledge of the impact of construction projects on the environment. Know what are renewable sources of energy and how to use them in the design process.

Graduate first degree can classify objects. Know how to read the drawings of the architectural, construction, geological and surveying and is able to draw up elements of project documentation in a selected CAD programs. Evaluates and makes a statement of impacts on the construction. Performs analysis static bar design. Correctly defines the calculation models for computer analysis of building structures. Selects the appropriate methods (analytical, experimental or numeric) to troubleshooting analysis and design for construction and planning of the work. Uses the selected computer programs supporting design in the construction industry. Able to critically evaluate the results of the numerical analysis of building structures. A distinction is made between core technologies and the production of materials and construction products. Can make their selection in the design of buildings. Uses of information technology, the Internet and other sources to search for information, communication and the abstraction of software working designer and organizer of the works. Designs and dimensions selected items and simple construction: reinforced concrete, metal, composite, wood, masonry and. Is in a position to assess the geotechnical conditions of the ground, and to design simple foundations of buildings. Apply legal provisions from the scope of the construction industry. Know how to draw up an energy balance for construction and cost estimate and schedule the basic works. Assess the risks that may occur in the implementation of the construction works and applies the appropriate safety regulations. Organize the work on site in accordance with the principles of the technology and the organizations in the building industry. Performs a simple test leading to the evaluation of the quality of materials used and construction products. Can communicate in a foreign language basic with specificity technical language from the scope of the construction industry.


Graduates may take the working designer and artist from the scope of the General construction, water, livestock, natural gas and the technical infrastructure of villages and settlements.

Workplaces in which are employed:

  • unit of administration and local self-government;
  • scientific-research institutions;
  • higher education at the level of secondary and higher education;
  • facility services commercial building materials and construction equipment;
  • private companies related to the construction industry and design;


The basis of admission is to have a certificate of maturity, a set of documents within the prescribed time limits, the qualifying procedure requirements.

Recruitment policies in force in the direction of Construction determines the resolution of the Senate, which in accordance with article 5. paragraph 169. 2 of 27 July 2005, the law on higher education is given to the public no later than 31 May of the year preceding the academic year, which resolution applies. The resolution defines the conditions and mode of recruitment.

Eligibility condition for qualifying candidates is: submission within a set of documents, including the maturity of the certificate issued in accordance with the provisions in force in this respect.

From candidate to study, in the recruitment process, the following documentation is required:

  1. A survey and year of studies on the form.
  2. Certificate of completion of high school/secondary (the original or a copy certified by the school).
  3. A photocopy of the identity card certified notarized or by the employee of the registry.
  4. Three photos of size 35 × 45 mm without headgear, on a light background.
  5. Evidence of recruitment fees.
  6. In the case of candidates that end foreign secondary school/secondary (later date certification) the candidate may submit an appropriate certificate. certificate of maturity. In the case of admission, the student is required within 14 days of receipt of the decision or by 15 September at the latest to deliver the original of the certificate of maturity to be removed from the list of accepted to College.
  7. During the qualification is valid contest of certificates on the first degree in construction from basic points are included and (or) an extended written level matriculation exam (new school) of the three compulsory subjects or points with the Matura (the old school), including the results of the secondary school of Polish language, foreign language and mathematics or physics, chemistry, computer science. About adoption and year of study determines the place of the candidate on the list.
  8. The original of the document confirming the participation in the final of the Olympic Games concerned.


Graduates receive the title professional engineer confirmed higher diploma professional studies in construction.

Education program supplement items with extended block classes education area code and the General, that the graduate may be equipped with knowledge and practical skills required by a modern labour market.



Regular studies

And the year is charged per semester: $3600-4 installment after 900 zł

II year are charged per semester: $3900-4 installment after £ 975

III year are charged per semester: $4200-4 installment after 1050 PLN

Extramural studies

And the year is charged per semester: $3000-4 HP after $750

II year are charged per semester: $3400-4 HP after $850

III year are charged per semester: $3800-4 installment after the £ 950

IV year charged per semester: $4000-4 installment after 1000 zł

We propose to study the following specialties: