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About the school

About the school

Linguistics - Technical University in Świecie is a nonpublic school with all rights of a public school (HSFL) in Świecie. It is registered at 306 number (decision of Ministry of Education and Sport Department from sept.16 2004 nr DSW-3-4011-262/II/04).

After the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (decision from 10.02. 2011 no. MNiSW-DNS-WUN) the school received permission to conduct studies of the second level of philological faculty-Master's Degree

Minister Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego, decyzją nr DSW.ZNU.6022.3.2016.3.RJ z dnia 20 lipca 2016 r. nadał Uczelni Lingwistyczno-Technicznej uprawnienia do prowadzenia studiów pierwszego stopnia na kierunku „budownictwo” o profilu praktycznym.

Lingwistyczno Technical University in Świecie wishes with responsibility and commitment to pursue the program associated with the training of contoured and bringing up students with a sense of respect for their homeland and the rights of others, as well as dissemination and multiplication of the achievements of science, culture and the local and regional community. The activity of the University is carried out in accordance with the universal ethical principles and legal provisions, the obligation to further intensive work for its development, broaden educational offer and carry out scientific research.

College of Foreign Languages in Swiecie

Mission Of The School

  • The Mission of the College Lingwistyczno-technical in Świecie is to educate modern philologists, who can easily find in the modern world.
  • ULT diploma will make you a sought-after candidate for the labour market.
  • From the very beginning we maintain a very high level of education thanks to selected staff members from most prestigious universities in Poland and abroad.

The University considers as a priority the training of students with a sense of responsibility for the Polish State, for strengthening the principles of democracy and respect for human rights. Taking account of technical progress, globalization, the need to adapt society to constantly changing labour market, educates students. Enables the acquisition and replenishment of the knowledge and skills needed in working life. This creates the conditions for students to teaching and learning and self-actualization. The University gives students an attitude of openness, mutual respect and tolerance. Ensuring the high quality of education, take into account the current training offerings and needs of the European labour market and the need for lifelong learning (lifelong learning). Motivates students to continuous self development, critical thinking, creativity, and independent and responsible function and social roles.

The Mission of the University is giving a wide knowledge in the field of direction or directions and specializations of professional in accordance with the powers granted by the Minister responsible for higher education and increase the achievements of national science, culture and technology, including through the collection and sharing of library collections and information services, creating conditions for the development of students, to the local and regional community by facilitating learning, new qualifications and training. Lingwistyczno Technical University in order to develop a cadre of scientific-didactic organizes scientific conferences, creates the possibility of employee participation in national and international conferences, and supports research.

Study programme in the ULT in Świecie

  • The school educates students of the following specializations: English philology, German philology, Russian philology in regular an extramural systems.
  • The education is conducted in a form of lectures, classes, seminars and practical classes.
  • Studies last three or four years in the case of undergraduate and two years in the case of second degree studies.
  • A graduate of the ULT, as a result of the examination for a Bachelor, an undergraduate diploma from the scope of English Philology, philology of the German or Russian Philology.
  • A graduate of the ULT, resulting in the submission of the master's exam, an degree second degree with a range of English Philology, philology of the German or Russian Philology.
College of Foreign Languages in Swiecie