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Scientific circle

Scientific circle of Lingwistyczno Technical University in Gdańsk

Scientific circle of Lingwistyczno technical students in Świecie
The statutes of the Philology Faculty of the science circle

Chapter I
General provisions:
§ 1.1. Scientific circle of students of the Faculty of Philology, Lingwistyczno Technical University in Świecie, called in the further part of the Statute of the "Wheel" is a collegiate student organization, consisting of students of the Faculty of philology of the University Lingwistyczno-technical support in Świecie.
§ 1.2. Scientific circle shall be registered by the Rector WSJO.
§ 1.3. Scientific works on the basis of this Statute and the Statute of WSJO

§ 2. Research work mainly in WSJO; It can also operate in the whole area of the Republic of Poland, in accordance with the law.

§ 3. The seat of the Scientific is WSJO in Gdańsk ul. Chmielniki 2a.
§ 4. Scientific circle uses its own logo and uses of the seal in accordance with the applicable rules in this respect.

§ 5.1. Rector WSJO appoints and dismisses the Scientific Supervisor.
About the nomination and revocation shall inform Chancellor WSJO.
§ 5.2. Scientific Supervisor shall ensure that compliance with the statutes of the Circle activities and generally applicable laws and offer mentoring over his scientific work.

Chapter II
The Objectives Of The Scientific Circle
§ 6.1 encouraging scientific, creative, relaxed exchange of views of scientific, wake up the scientific interests among students

§ 6.2 advancing student knowledge and skills in the field of Linguistics, literary studies, translation and teaching methodology of German and English
§ 6.3 towards outstanding students optimal conditions to develop interests, acquire higher qualifications and professional experience
§ 6.4 promotion of creative and artistic talents as well as linking them with the knowledge and skills of wypracowywanymi while studying
§ 6.5 cooperation with organizations and academia dealing with similar themes;
§ 6.6 student environment integration
§ 6.7 integration with the environment

The objectives of the Wheels are carried out through:
§ 7.1 organising recurring meetings and discussion

§ 7.2 presenting the achievements of their own Wheels by means of the information service in electronic form.

§ 7.3 cooperation with institutions and scientific societies and culture.

§ 7.4 issue prepared by the students of the teaching materials for the teaching of foreign languages in nursery schools and classes I-III

§ 7.5 other activities comply with the statutes.
§ 7.6 the implementation of statutory objectives is the responsibility of each Member of the circle.
§ 7.7 in specific cases, the realization of statutory goals can be entrusted to persons or institutions.

Chapter III
Members Of The Scientific Circle
§ 8 the following types of membership in the scientific Circle:
1. Full members
2. Honorary members

§. 9.1 a member of the Scientific Board of Directors adopted the wheels based on the signed declaration by the person concerned.
9.2. Honorary Membership may give general meeting of Scientific, on a proposal from the Executive Board, to a person, especially a well deserved for the wheel.
§ 10. Membership in Scientific Circle ceases as a result of:
1 instance of circle, declared a written resignation of complex Board
2. Foreclosure by resolution of the Board of Directors for:
a. activities contrary to the Statute of the Scientific and the resolutions of the authorities of the Wheels.
b. inadequacy Member Scientific, laid down in the Statute and decisions of the authorities of the Wheels.
3. graduation or interruption
4. a disciplinary removal from the University

§ 11. Members of the Scientific shall have the right to:
§ 11.1. possession of legitimacy that corresponds to the form of their membership in the scientific Circle
§ 11.2. proposals to the authorities of the Wheels, participate in all the work of the Scientific and organized by the circle of events.

§ 12. 1 the members of the Scientific are committed to:
a. compliance with the provisions of this Statute
b. compliance with the resolutions of the Scientific authorities
§ 12.2. Ordinary Member Scientific has the right to:
a. współorganizowania and participate in all activities of the circle.
b. use of all forms of aid available in the wheel
c. Select and being selected to the authorities of the Scientific

§. 13 honorary members have all the rights of ordinary members with the exception of the active and passive electoral rights to Scientific authorities. A advisory capacity.

Chapter IV
Authorities In The Scientific Circle
section 14.1. The term of Office of all Scientific authorities takes one year.
§ 14.2 Scientific Authorities are:
a. General meeting
(b) the Management Board of the
c. the Court Matey
d. the Audit Committee.

And. The General Meeting
§ 15.1 the General Assembly is the highest authority of the Scientific.
§ 15.2. The competence of the General Assembly:
a. determining the directions of Scientific activities for the academic year
b. Selection of the Board of Directors, including its President
c. adoption of the report on the activities of the Board of Directors in each academic year
d. granting discharge to the Management Board
e. adoption of the amendments to the Statute of the Scientific
f. resolution on dissolution of the Scientific
§ 16. The general meeting may be ordinary and extraordinary
§ 16.1 the annual general meeting shall be convened by the Chairman of the Board at least 14 days before the expiry of the term of Office of the authority of the Wheels, which is before the 15.06 of the academic year.
§ 16.2 extraordinary general meeting shall be convened by the Chairman of the Scientific:
a. own-initiative
b. as a result of the resolutions of the Management Board on a proposal from the signed
c. at the request signed by at least one half of the number of members of the Scientific
§ 17.1 resolution of the General Assembly are taken by an absolute majority of votes
§ 17.2 the resolutions regarding amendment of the statutes and the Scientific passed by qualified majority 2/3 votes, in the presence of at least half of the number of ordinary Scientific

(II) The Board Of The Scientific Circle
§ 18. The Management Board consists of:
a. the President,
b. Vice President,
(c) the Secretary,
d. the Treasurer,
§ 19. Chairman Of The Board:
a. shall convene a general meeting, by specifying the place, the first date and second date and the proposed agenda
(b). the deliberations of the General Assembly in the first period, if present at least half of the members of the Scientific or second date regardless of the number of people present, conduct the election of the President of the General Assembly and provide it with the managing meetings
c. directs the Board of Scientific
d. the coordinates the work of the individual sections of the Wheel
e. represents the wheel to the Scientific Supervisor
f. represents the scientific circle in a college or beyond
g. sign on behalf of the Wheels of the contract and agreement with other organizations and provide written authorisation to sign them
§ 20 Vice President replaces the President realizes the tasks designated by the President orally or in writing
§ 21 of the Treasurer leads accounting circles and prepares a report
§ 22 Secretary prepares, updates and maintains a list of members of the Scientific, draws up and keeps minutes of the meetings of the Management Board and Scientific meetings, signing them with the Chairman of the Board.
§ 22.1 to the duties of the Secretary of the wheel you should store protocols of general meetings.

Chapter V
The powers of the authorities of the University with respect to Scientific:
§ 23 Rector repeals the resolution of the Scientific authorities is incompatible with the laws, the statutes of the University or the statutes of the wheel.
§ 24 Senate, at the request of the Rector addresses the scientific circle, if it shows a flagrant or persistent breach of the laws, the statutes of the University or the Statute of the Wheels.

Chapter VI
Final provisions:
§ 25.1 proposals for amendment of the statutes should be placed on the hands
Chairman of the Board at least one week before the general meeting.
§ 25.2 Changes in the statutes adopted at the general meeting shall enter into force after approval by the Rector WSJO their compliance with the provisions of the law and the statutes of the University.
§ 25.3 W przypadku rozwiązania Koła Naukowego uchwałą Walnego Zgromadzenia, majątek Koła przechodzi na własność WSJO a dokumentację Koła przekazuje się do Archiwum Szkoły.

Adriana Wiebe – the President of the

Marta Nogal – Vice-Chairman

Dorota Kosińska – the Secretary of the

Paulina Galkiewicz – Treasurer

Opieka naukowa: Dr HAB. Joanna Burzynska-Sylwestrzak

Konsultanci: dr Małgorzata Chrzan, prof. zw. dr hab. Roman Kalisz, dr hab. Tadeusz Danilewicz, dr Natalia Rezmer-Mrówczyńska, mgr Magdalena Otulak, mgr Maciej Kalisz.

March 17, 2017 at 9:00 pm 16:00 in the Space Arena concert was held OKSiR. "COUNTLESS NAMES OF LOVE", which was the organizer of the College of foreign languages, scientific circle "Open Mind" and Student Government WSJO. Partner of the event was the Centre of culture, recreation and sports in Świecie. Patron of the competition took the Mayor of the district and Mayor of Świecie. Among the sponsors of the awards was also the youth career center in Świecie. During the Gala concert were awarded prizes in the competition for literary song rhyming in English. The language competition was addressed to high school students in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship and students WSJO in Świecie and przasnysz. The theme became "love". Rhyming literary work on the subject of love have to be written in English.

Awards handed Mayor Świecie with WSJO Authorities and (additional) from the Youth Career Center. There was a teacher's Crew, Magdalena Diaz and Piotr Rutkowski, actor Chojnickiego Rapsodycznego Studies. The party was led by our student, "Teacher" Jarmołkiewicz (President of the Scientific WSJO), and an evening of romantic songs filled the vocalist with his band teacher's Crew. This is the first edition of poetic and we cordially invite you to participate in the subsequent, successful initiatives WSJO!