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Languages in business

English/German/Russian business

Purpose of study:

  • gain greater knowledge of a foreign language and to extend the vocabulary in the field of business
  • knowledge of accounting and financial business terminology
  • analyzing the scope of specialist texts in economics, accounting and finance
  • to familiarize students with the economic mechanisms and running their own business.

To whom they are addressed to study?

  • students/graduates, who have a good knowledge of a foreign language
  • people who want to take a job outside the country,
  • people who want to work in companies where fluency is required,
  • teachers/lecturers who wish to broaden the scope of its competence
  • philological studies graduates who want to improve their situation in the labour market


  • Time-variant system (default)
  • Two semesters (12 downhills Saturday and Sunday)

Semester: 1600zł

Certificates and certifications:

Postgraduate students have the opportunity to (for) the accession of the certified exam:

  • from English Business English Certificates (BEC)
  • from the Russian language Русский язык делового общения (Бизнес и коммерция).
  • German language Deutsch als Fremdsprache in der Wirtschaft (WiDaF)

We propose to study the following specialties: