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Languages for lawyers

English/German/Russian for lawyers

Purpose of study:

The aim of the study is to gain greater knowledge of a foreign language and to extend the vocabulary in the field of law-knowing the terminology of the legal language, the acquisition of skills, analysis of texts (laws, regulations, etc.) as well as editing pleadings, lawsuits, complaints, contracts, complaints.

To whom they are addressed to study?

  • students/graduates of the law school with an overall good knowledge of a foreign language,
  • lawyers/notaries/solicitors wishing to take a job outside the Member States,
  • philological studies graduates who want to improve their situation in the labour market,
  • teachers/instructors interested in broadening their skills.


  • Time-variant system (default)
  • Two semesters (12 downhills Saturday and Sunday)

Semester: 1600zł

Certificates and certifications:

Postgraduate students of English have the option (for) the accession of the exam of a certified International Legal English Certificate (ILEC SUPPLYING) which provides a high rate of assessment of language skills.

We propose to study the following specialties: