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German Philology


Studies are conducted in the form of fixed, part-time and by Internet.

In desktop mode classes are held from Monday to Friday.

In the full-time mode studies take place in the form of downhill skiing weekend (Friday from 16:00, Saturday, Sunday) twice a month.

By Internetstudies are carried out on the platform e-learning moodle, using modern educational technologies. 60% is done in mobile mode, 40%-at the University.


We offer modern philology studies at university level. Within the framework of German Philology, the student can select one of the following specializations:

Educational staff

If you feel that you would like to share their knowledge with others and teach a foreign language – choose the specialization of teachers. With us you have the qualifications that will allow you to work ineducational-facilities do you lead language courses, also abroad-Your permission I will be respected in all countries of the European Union. Thanks to studies in Education Lingwistyczno-technical, you get not only expertise in teaching a foreign language but also the powers of psychology whether theDidacticsthat will make your work becomes a pleasure.

In translation

If Your dream is to work in an international company or you want to work as an interpreter -Select the profile translation. While studying, you'll earn the skills that will allow you to translate various texts (literary texts, press releases and online, and many others). During the course you will learn how to use the computer and the Internet at work. We will prepare you for the translations. In this regard, with lyrics related to medicine, law, media, economy, art or technique. Together with us you will fulfill your dreams, you can find easily on the labour market. Or a professional and study with us!

Foreign language in business

The aim of the study on foreign language specialities in business is to teach students to acquired skills necessary to work in a business environment, as well as the preparation of teachers and lecturers to teach business English.
Program nauczania koncentruje się na zrozumieniu terminologii i frazeologii języka biznesowego, understanding and analysis of specialized texts, as well as mastering the rules, forms and styles of different tekstów przygotowanych na potrzeby firm. Wykłady rozszerzające specjalistyczną terminologię i znajomość podstaw zarządzania, finansów, marketingu i prawa.

Język obcy w turystyce (oferujemy PŁATNE PRAKTYKI ZA GRANICĄ)

Jeśli inspirują Cię odległe kraje, pasjonuję Cię poznawanie nowych ludzi i odkrywanie nowych miejsc – wybierz się z nami wlanguage travelwhich will prepare You for the role of the resident, an employee of the airline or tour leader. Thanks to the specialization of the desk you can find easily in every situation and in every position. You will learn how to specialised vocabulary associated with thebusiness, the economy of, The European Union andTourism. This makes us, that we offer the possibility to pay practices abroad.


Graduates receive a B.A. professional title certified by a diploma of graduation from higher professional studies in philology. The basis of education within philological discipline is practical language education, oriented at its fluent knowledge consisting in the richness of common and specialized vocabulary.

Education program supplement items with extended block classes education area code and General, that a graduate of the ULT are equipped with knowledge and skills required by a modern labour market.


Through the teachings of our university graduates will:

1. Gain knowledge of specialty level C1.
2. Obtain professional qualifications within your chosen profession.
3. Acquire basic knowledge and skills in Linguistics (with an emphasis on applied linguistics) and in the field of literary studies and cultural studies.
4. Develop a culture of thinking, ability to work in a team.
5. Acquire the basic knowledge and skills in information technology, entrepreneurship, and HEALTH and SAFETY at WORK.

When completed in ULT undergraduate with a range of German Philology graduates may take up employment or continue education in College of the second degree on the same or a different direction or to selected postgraduate studies.

We propose to study the following specialties: