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European Assistant



Postgraduate studies on the online platform, including 2 semesters


Price: 3200 €
2 semesters, possibility to pay in 4 installments

Technology is constantly evolving, and there is no indication that this development had to stop.
Some scientists believe that for 2030 years robots will replace the majority of office workers.


Powód I

No machine is no better than a man in direct contact with the client, personal or interesantem. And the profession it is necessary! Deprived of the thrill of slot machine does not have the chance of a person of flesh and blood.

Powód II

"Dehumanization of" profession of Secretaries, assistants and Office Manager will mark the failure of the organization.

  • Only 2 semesters
  • Studies on the Internet
  • Certyfikat wydany przez European Managment Assistants EUMA-Poland
  • Access to the materials on the online platform
  • 220 hours of lectures and exercises

Therefore, the University Lingwistyczno-Technical in Świecie, along with European Management Assistants EUMA-POLAND organize postgraduate on the online platform for professional Secretaries, Office managers and unskilled workers.

Check out what we have to offer:

Gaining professional knowledge of organization and management standards, Office work or behaviour in crisis situations.

The ability to obtain the European certificate of Professional Secretary, Assistant or Office Manager issued by European Management Assistants EUMA-Poland.

220 hours of lectures and exercises (including four-hour certification exam EUMA-Poland).

Easy and quick access to the materials through the online platform.

Kierownikiem studiów jest doktor Halina Füchsel

Halina Füchsel

Doctor of economic sciences in Management Sciences. She graduated from the National study of the Stenotypii and foreign languages in Warsaw, and then the Faculty of law and administration of Warsaw University. A few years ago she obtained a doctorate, and in 2010, the title of the quality Manager for postgraduate studies. For many years she was a lecturer at the "Garden" and in the Warsaw School of Management – high school. He now runs a training in Office work dedicated primarily asystentkom and office managers. Is initiated in Poland branch of the Association of European Management Assistants.

Author of numerous publications:

Such certificate of completion of studies you will get


Study programme covers the following topics

Subject of study is compatible with EURO-AST carried out in twelve European countries concerning the tasks, competences, skills and knowledge of employees in positions of Assistant, Office Manager, or administrator of the computer network.

The knowledge you gain will become the Foundation of your career.
Do not wait and invest in your future.

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