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Grants for studies and courses


Only 30% of Poles aged 25-64 years, annually takes part in the courses, training or postgraduate studies. With this result we rank well below the EU average.

Contrary to appearances, this is good news for you. Take advantage of this situation!

People that are bringing continuing training forward and decide to participate in courses or training sessions-can count on the distinction in the eyes of current or future employer.

Additional education is still a large untapped by the poles.

Improving the knowledge and skills becomes a necessity.

People who decide to take up science thanks to EU and national funding to a wide range of options.

Kształcenie formalne

In the case of undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees as well as technicians and high schools for adults it's schools and colleges acquire EU funds.

  • Lower tuition fees!
  • Better educational offer
  • The opportunity to receive scholarship

Training and courses

Funding for their implementation takes a school or College from the Marshal's Office in your region.

  • Language and computer
  • For teachers, developers and enhancing digital competence
  • Zero or lower costs of participation

How do I find an interesting course? Best use:

Searching for information about funding worth call also on the green line (tel. 19 524).

The loan from the knowledge of Education Development

Loan on almost any desired service. It is not free, but after training or postgraduate, you can receive a 25% depreciation of its value.

  • From 600 € to 100 thousand.
  • The ability to remit this amount of 20-25%

Searching for information about funding worth call also on the green line (tel. 19 524).

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