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Coaching education

Graduate studies


Purpose of study

By participating in postgraduate studies teachers-educators, learn both the specifics of coaching work, her style, variety, but also will get very specific tools to work in their daily job-accompanying the child and his parents.

Form of

Studies are carried out in the mode of undergraduate programs in the form of downhill skiing weekend (Saturday, Sunday) in accordance with the timetable of the postgraduate (12 exits-192 hours)

Programme Of Studies


Recipients of study

Postgraduate education in coaching are addressed to educators, teachers, educators, persons employed in professions related to using psychological, pedagogy, resocjalizacją and education, people who specialize in working with other people.

Coaching methods in the light of the latest research are excellent also apply to the classroom, education, classroom, and academic. Teacher/Educator/teacher as coach with greater precision and a wider range of tools can recognize and use the processes of neurological psychological, that occur during the process of teaching (individually and as a team). Can find the right teaching methods that will bring the best results in terms of data and the range. In addition, based on his experience teaching and coaching knowledge, can lead valuable development processes for the different groups of participants. Knowing the specifics of the coaching process, the teacher can affect the behavior of students or trainees, to develop their talents and strengthen the teaching effects. In the Academy, participants not only develop specific, needed in the teaching profession skills. Will have the opportunity to determine their further down the road of professional development based on specific recommendations, received from the coaches. During the course we will also focus on building a professional image of the participants as coaches. The entire process ends in a superwizją, during which participants will present their own coaching processes carried out. We want this process to build confidence and self-esteem participants.


  • you develop as a pro-acquire skills of coaching at work with a student/client
  • increase their skills in building a contact based on the trust and empathy,
  • develop your skills, support and development of individuals at different stages of change,
  • you expand the skills already possessed the competence of coaching and educational menadżerskiego,
  • you are familiar with the latest methods and tools work with a team of classroom so on strengthening student's development and facilitating the flow of knowledge and information between teacher and student and also between students,


  • raising the level of knowledge and awareness of their own role school staff in the teaching process and development,
  • the integration of pedagogical personnel around improving teaching methods and developing others
  • create a communication platform among school staff (handling the same language with new features) in relation to the current process of education and training projects,
  • increase motivation and involvement in the process of teaching and development of trainees and students, as well as the process of self-study to educators,


  • gain knowledge of build and lead a team,
  • Enhanced coaching skills, coaching and education,
  • focusing on the possible behaviour in relation to different situations during the development process and teaching using methods of coaching qualifications.

Our College is also the possibility of acceding to the international PTE exam General at level B2, organized by the University Lingwistyczno-technical support in Świecie, which is an accredited testing centre Pearson.

To obtain international certificate PTE General at level B2 (according to the guidelines of the Council of Europe, the CEFR) will allow teachers to kindergartens on teaching English in kindergartens and primary schools (grade I-III), as that by 1 September of the year 2020 persons working with children in kindergarten are required and document the qualification with a range of modern foreign languages.

Required documents

personal questionnaire (download under the STUDENTS/PATTERNS of APPLICATIONS)

-Graduate (I or II) or university transcript

-two photographs 35 × 45 mm (control legitymacyjny)

-the original proof of payment of the buy-in

-a photocopy of the 1. and 2. page ID (copy of the abridged birth certificate in the absence of proof)

-in the event of a change of the name nieodnotowanej in the proof of personal document certifying name change (such as a copy of the quick marriage or judicial decision about the change of the name)

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We propose to study the following specialties: