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Examination Centre PEARSON

Examination Centre PEARSON

REGISTRATION for EXAM PTE General-Session December 2017

Prerequisite for the exam is the exam declaration form fill (A POLL – available here). Completed forms together with proof of payment should be delivered to Lingwistyczno Technical University in Gdańsk – to date November 12, 2017 r.

You can deliver the forms to the ULT:

-In person: Monday to Friday-from 8.00 – 16.00

Address: Lingwistyczno Technical University in Gdańsk, ul. Chmielniki 2a, 86-100 World

-Send by email to the following address: wsjodziekanat@wp.pl scan the form and proof of payment.

Exam dates:

The nearest exams Pearson Test of English General:

December 2017:

Lingwistyczno Technical University in Gdańsk is an accredited testing centre Pearson

Examinations are carried out at the premises of the College by lecturers ULT, who are certified examiners PEARSON TEST of ENGLISH

To meet the needs of the market and the expectations of employers, we offer you the opportunity to obtain international certificate confirming knowledge of the English language at 6 different levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 in accordance with the provisions of the common European framework of reference for languages (CEFR). Within the framework of cooperation with leading education company Pearson and basic language skills and acknowledge knowledge of English in the case of persons for whom this language is not their mother tongue.

The offer include:

  • Pearson Test of English General
  • Pearson Test of English for Young Learners.

Exams PTE General and PTE Young Learners:

  • check knowledge and provide a certificate of language skills,
  • insist on the ability to understand and communicate,
  • These are authentic, since they are based on realistic scenarios,
  • allow for informal communication,
  • motivate and help you acquire the confidence,
  • integrate all four language skills (comprehension, comprehension, oral expression and written expression longer creation).
  • are developed in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference/CEFR/of the Council of Europe,
  • are considered around the world by universities, employers, and national education authorities in many Member States as a confirmation of the mastery of the required standard of English.

To obtain a certificate of PTE General provides, inter alia:

  • launch of study or work abroad
  • the creation of new opportunities for developing
  • raise your own qualifications
  • confirmation of the mastery of the required standard of language
  • stand out in the job market

Exams PTE General in Poland:

  • are recognized by the Ministry of national education as a confirmation of the language skills required of individuals who want to become teachers of the English language-the Ordinance of the Minister of national education of 17.04.2012 of the year

To obtain international certificate PTE General B2 (according to the guidelines of the Council of Europe's CEFR) will allow teachers to kindergartens on teaching English at kindergartens and primary schools (grade I-III), as that until September 1, 2020 people working with children in kindergarten are required to supplement the documentation and qualifications from the scope of the knowledge of the foreign language of the modern controlling the quality of examinations in the uk.


Exams consist of two parts:

  • The first part is a written exam which tests the understanding with hearing, understanding of the text read aloud and writing skills and is evaluated by independent examiners from the United Kingdom.
  • While the second part is oral communication efficiency verification tool. Oral part of the exam to check the ability to properly communicate in a foreign language may take place before or after the written part. Is assessed by qualified lecturers and professors of our University. The examination is recorded and sent to the verification in the uk, in order to ensure the highest standards of judging.


The level of

Level of sophistication

The length of the test


Level A1

Basic level

1 h 15 min



Intermediate level lower

1 h 30 min



Intermediate level

1 h 35 min



Intermediate level higher

2 h



Advanced level

2 h 30 min



Expert level

2 hours 55min


Examination sessions for all levels are organized in may, June and December.