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Warsaw University Of Technology Business School
Linguistics - Technical University in Świecie

Form of

Studies are carried out in the mode of undergraduate programs in the form of downhill skiing weekend (Saturday, Sunday) in accordance
with a schedule of postgraduate.

The recipients of the

  • leaders and leaders in innovation
  • individuals with experience of senior management positions upholding
  • owners of medium-sized and large private companies
  • individuals aspiring to the highest leadership positions

Duration of scheme: two semesters for a total of 12 weekend skiing or 180 teaching hours (1 hour dyd. = 45 min.)

The purpose of the program

The main objective of teaching of post-graduate of the ALPS is to support participants in developing and improving leadership skills in the context of making their current and future challenges. The realisation of this objective is to serve the programme of studies of the ALPS based on reliable knowledge, practical experience, verified models and concepts of leadership and professional trainers.

Benefits for the participants

Persons participating in postgraduate of the ALPS will be able to:

  • explore, expand and more efficient use of your leadership potential
  • improve and strengthen your core competencies leadership
  • Learn about the concepts and models of leadership and their practical applications
  • Learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate with the team during the implementation of different projects
  • Learn the methods and techniques for dealing with difficult situations when you lead a team (task-oriented, working, design)
  • Learn the flexibility in the application of different leadership styles

Study programme covers the following topics

Lecturer At The Academy Of The Leaders Of The Future

Peter Olaf

Professor of the Warsaw University of technology, Warsaw University of technology Business School Director and lecturer, where he conducts classes from a range of leadership, social roles in business and psychological determinants of managers and employees in business conditions. He conducts classes and superwizje under the Personal Development Programme in the school of business. Has a wealth of international experience in conducting research and lectures (m.in. in the US, England, South Africa, Ukraine, FRG). Is an accredited trainer, mentor and examiner in the Noble Manhattan Coaching on all courses. He researched the effectiveness of training and coaching, and has created several questionnaires m.in. for the study of managerial competence, motivation, work and stress levels. Conducts coaching for senior management and training projects and consultancy for companies from many different industries. Is the author of many scientific publications from the range m.in. moral psychology, business ethics and coaching.

Lecturer at the Warsaw University of technology Business School, where he conducts classes from the scope of the development of leadership skills ("Effective leader"), effective communication in teams, the art of presentation (advocacy skills) and negotiations. For 15 years he was a lecturer at the Faculty of social sciences and Humanities in Psychology: academic Warsaw, Faculty of management, University of Warsaw and Warsaw Executive MBA (Carlson Management School of Minnesota University and ECONOMICS). It has 18 years of experience in conducting training projects, consulting and coaching. He graduated from the international training for trainers and facylitatorów "The Role of the Facilitator" (Lancaster University & Impact DTG, UK). He received also the title of Practitioner Coach Diploma in Noble Manhattan Coaching (UK, Oxford) and is accredited by the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring. Provides training and coaching sessions within the framework of projects for training and consultancy based m.in. on the model of a comprehensive Leadership (Versatile Leadership). He was also a lecturer at the Academy of Coaching changes. Is the author of many scientific publications from the range m.in. the psychology of communication, leadership and the development of managerial skills.

Włodzimierz Świątek

Beatricze Andrzejewska

The IBD program director at Business School in the area of leadership, managerial competence and the trainer and Expert Centers: leadership and School Coach business. Senior Trainer and consultant with 15 years of experience. Previously, a researcher at the University. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and of SOCIAL SCIENCES and HUMANITIES. Is a lecturer in the IBD Business School MBA, where he conducts classes in the module "Organizational Behavior". Research interests and research: psychology of creativity (m.in. creative behavior in organizations, design workshop activities in support of creativity), psychological diagnosis, the psychology of marketing and advertising, design tools and the development of research methods. Conducts training and training in the field of m.in.: creativity and innovation, the development of managerial skills and occupational, sales, customer service, interpersonal communication, team building, change management, conflict resolution, business negotiations, interpersonal skills and assertiveness elements, work with stress and stress. Author of numerous publications in psychology of creativity, the development of managerial competencies, the training methodology.

Such certificate of completion of studies you will get


„Na szefa powołuje Cię Rada Nadzorcza. Na lidera – serca i umysły ludzi”
John Adair
a prominent expert in the field of leadership

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